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I help small business owners perfect their bookkeeping, empowering you to master your finances

With over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and a passion for the latest in bookkeeping technology, I bring a blend of traditional expertise and modern efficiency to your business’s financial management. I’m not just about numbers; I’m about empowering your business story.


Here’s how I help:

Navigate Your Financial Journey with Confidence and Personalized Support


Ready, Set & Go

Launching Your Business Journey with Expert Precision

Ready, Set & GO is tailor-made for start-ups embarking on their business adventure. This package is your financial co-pilot during your crucial first year, offering flexible, hourly bookkeeping support at $75 per hour, capped at $350 monthly. It’s designed for businesses with varying transaction loads, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Once your business gains momentum, we’ll discuss transitioning to a package that suits your evolving needs, like Review & Revise or Redefine & Refresh.


Review & Revise

Streamlining Your Success with Customized Cash Basis Bookkeeping

Review & Revise is the stepping stone for businesses beyond their initial launch phase. Ideal for service-based clients like coaches, creatives, and copywriters, this package offers standard Cash Basis Bookkeeping without the complexities of job costing. Tailored to your transaction volume and revenue, prices start at $350 per month. It’s a flat-rate, hassle-free solution to keep your financials organized and on track as you grow.


Redefine & Refresh

Elevating Your Business with Strategic Financial Insights

Redefine & Refresh is crafted for businesses striving to break through their next growth ceiling. This package offers Accrual Basis Bookkeeping, starting at $500 monthly, to provide deep insights into your costs and pricing strategies. It’s perfect for those who need to refine their financial approach, providing a clear picture of where you can save and where you should charge more, setting you up for sustainable growth and profitability.

Reclaim Time

Reclaim & Reinvest

Your Comprehensive Accounting Solution for Reclaimed Time and Investment

Reclaim & Reinvest is the ultimate package for businesses seeking a full-service accounting department. Starting at $1000 monthly, it includes everything from cost accounting and AR/AP management to payroll, budgeting, and benchmarking. This package lets you reclaim your time to focus on your business while we handle the intricacies of your finances. It’s like having your own accounting department, empowering you to reinvest your efforts where they matter most.

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