Empowering businesses with 20 years of expertise in cost accounting.

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I’m Jenn

I help startups and mid-market businesses in architecture, construction, home improvement, and logistics with comprehensive cost accounting and financial management.

I bring over 20 years of experience in specialized bookkeeping and cost accounting to your business. My services are designed to meet a variety of needs, focusing on providing small to mid-sized business owners with clear and effective financial management.

I offer personalized solutions through my packages: “Core Compliance Bookkeeping” for foundational financial organization, “Precision Profit Bookkeeping” for detailed, industry-specific needs, “Strategic Financial Advisor” for comprehensive financial guidance, “Startup Flex Bookkeeping” perfectly tailored for emerging businesses, and “Financial Foundation Rescue” for businesses in need of financial record updating and correction.

My approach combines deep expertise in cost accounting with the latest technological advancements, ensuring that my services are not only proficient but also attuned to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.


Here’s how I help:

With our expertise in cost accounting, you gain clarity on every dollar spent, ensuring that your projects are priced accurately and profitably.

Tier 1

Core Compliance

Laying the Financial Foundation for Business Success.

Our Core Compliance Bookkeeping package is perfectly tailored for businesses looking for foundational financial organization. It focuses on essential bookkeeping services, utilizing the straightforward approach of Cash Basis Bookkeeping, and offers the flexibility to include Managed Payroll and Budgeting Services as add-ons.

This package, adopting our clear, flat-rate pricing model, is ideal for businesses outside the typical client industries, seeking reliable and accurate financial record-keeping as a base for sound financial decision-making.

Core Compliance
Precision Profits
Tier 2

Precision Profits

Turning Every Detail into Your Profit Advantage.

The Precision Profit Bookkeeping package is specifically designed for businesses in industries like architecture, construction, home improvement, and logistics, where detailed bookkeeping and cost accounting are crucial.

This package includes Accrual Basis Bookkeeping, offering an in-depth look at your finances, and provides options to add services such as Accounts Payable and Receivable Management, Managed Payroll, and Budgeting Services.

Tailored to align with our flat-rate pricing structure, it’s the perfect choice for businesses seeking to accurately track and manage project costs, enhance profitability, and make informed financial decisions.

Tier 3

Strategic Financial Advisor

Navigating Your Business to Financial Excellence.

The Strategic Financial Advisor package is our comprehensive solution for businesses seeking extensive financial guidance and insights. It includes our specialized Cost Accounting service, essential for strategic planning and effective resource allocation.

This package allows the addition of a suite of services including Accounts Payable and Receivable Management, Managed Payroll, Budgeting, Benchmarking, and Cash Flow Forecasting, providing a holistic view of your financial health.

Ideal for decision-makers aiming for growth or recession planning, it uses our flat-rate pricing model to offer consistent, predictable costs, ensuring that you receive high-level financial advisory tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Start-Up Flex
Special Projects

Start-Up Flex

Flexible Bookkeeping for the Ambitious Startup Journey.

The Startup Flex Bookkeeping package is the ultimate choice for startups in need of adaptable and comprehensive bookkeeping and financial planning services. It includes our expert Cost Accounting service, tailored to support the dynamic needs of emerging businesses.

This package offers the flexibility to add on critical services such as Accounts Payable and Receivable Management, Managed Payroll, Budgeting, Benchmarking, and Cash Flow Forecasting, all essential for a growing business.

Priced on an hourly basis, this package allows startups to manage their financial services according to their evolving needs, providing a solid foundation for financial management and strategic growth.

Special Projects

Financial Foundation Rescue

Reviving Your Finances, Renewing Your Business’s Future.

The Financial Foundation Rescue package is a lifeline for businesses needing to address past financial discrepancies or catch up on bookkeeping. This service focuses on rectifying and updating your financial records, ensuring accuracy in your historical data. Tailored for businesses that have fallen behind or faced challenges with previous bookkeeping practices, this package offers a comprehensive review and correction of past records.

Utilizing a special pricing structure based on a 10-hour time block, it provides the flexibility and focus needed to restore your financial foundation, with any unused time credited towards future services. This is an ideal solution for re-establishing a clear and reliable financial baseline for your business.


Ready to go?

Do these things:


Gather Financial Records: Compile all relevant financial documents such as bank statements, previous tax returns, invoices, receipts, and any existing bookkeeping records. This will provide a comprehensive view of your current financial situation.


Identify Key Financial Goals: Reflect on what you aim to achieve with your finances. Whether it’s improving cash flow, better project cost management, or strategic growth planning, knowing your goals helps tailor the services to your specific needs.


Assess Current Financial Processes: Evaluate your existing financial management practices, including bookkeeping methods, software used, and any pain points. Understanding these will enable a more seamless integration and customization of the services offered.

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